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Long Xuyen

 Beyond  many  minor  sightseeings  and a wonderful  market, the capital of An Giang province  offers little to  detain  visitors . It’s a  pretty   prosperous  place , majoring in  agriculture ( particularly cashew nuts) and fish processing.

Until 1956 the Hoa Hao had an army and located  a major military force  at this place. The town’s other claim to fame is being the birthplace of Vietnam’s second president, Ton Duc Thang.


From  the 1st to 6th centuries AD, as  southern Vietnam and southern Cambodia were under the rule of the Indian-influenced Cambodian kingdom of Funan, Oc-Eo (the scant remains of which lie 37km southwest of Long Xuyen) was a main  trading city. Much of what is known about the Funan empire, which reached its height during the 5th century AD, comes from contemporary Chinese sources and the excavations at Oc-Eo and Angkor Borei in neighbouring Cambodia. The excavations have  uncovered  evidence of contact between Oc-Eo and what is now Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia,  as well as Persia and the Roman Empire.

An complex  system of canals around Oc-Eo  was once used for both irrigation and transportation, prompting Chinese  travellers of the time to write about ‘sailing across Funan’ on their way to the Malay Peninsula.  Most of the buildings of Oc-Eo were  built on piles and pieces of these structures indicate the high degree of refinement achieved by Funanese civilisation. Artefacts found at Oc-Eo are on  demonstration  at the History Museum and Fine Arts Museum in HCMC ,as well as  at the History Museum in Hanoi.


Blue Sky Crocodile Land CROCODILE FARM

(Ca Sau Long Xuyen; 076-383 1298; 44/1A Ð Tran Hung Dao; admission 10,000d; 7am-6pm) For a  close-up view of the reptile that used to rule  the Mekong,  head to this farm that’s home to  a number of crocodiles varying  in size from 10cm to 4m. The meat and skin of these animals is widely  exported, although  some Vietnamese  drop in to buy fresh or frozen crocodile meat or to  eat at the on-site restaurant. A  tiny  shop  sells  crocodile-skin wallets and bags. The farm lies 8km south of town on the road to Can Tho.

cam nang du lich long xuyen

Long Xuyen Catholic Church CHURCH

(Ð Tran Hung Dao) One of the  largest churches in the Mekong Delta and dominating town, this  impressive modern cathedral is topped by a 50m-high bell tower and can seat 1000 worshippers.  Constructed between 1966 and 1973 – you can tell – the interior is spacious  and well-ventilated, with a sculptural centrepiece of a  giant crucifix resting on a globe supported by two hands.

cam nang du lich long xuyen


Across the river from Long Xuyen, Cho Moi district is  known  for its groves of fruit such as bananas, durians, guava, jackfruit, longans, mangoes, mangosteens and plums.  Take a boat from the passenger ferry terminal.

cam nang du lich long xuyen


Dong Xuyen Hotel HOTEL $

( 076-394 2260;; 9A Ð Luong Van Cu; r 400,000-770,000d, ste 800,000d) The most intelligent  site  in town, Dong Xuyen has  pleasurably  furnished and well-equipped rooms. Staff are kind  and speak  good English.

Long Xuyen Hotel HOTEL $

( 076-384 1927;; 19 Ð Nguyen Van Cung; r 300,000-420,000d) An overhaul is badly needed, but prices are quite cheap  and there’s a  lovely restaurant at this good  hotel. Rooms have some charm and include satellite TV, hot water and shared balconies.



(242/4 Ð Luong Van Cu; mains 30,000-80,000d;  9am-9pm) English  menus, grilled meats, plenty of seafood, kind and friendly  staff and air-con make this  a reliable and smart choice.


( 076-384 5573; 245/3 Ð Luong Van Cu; mains 15,000-40,000d) A good  spot  for  not expensive ,  authentic Vietnamese food.

 Getting There & Away


To  get to the Long Xuyen ferry dock from Ð Pham Hong Thai,  you ought to  cross Duy Tan Bridge and then turn right .  Passenger ferries leave from here to Sa Dec and other Delta  destinations.


Buses from HCMC to Long Xuyen  leave from the Mien Tay bus station (from 85,000d).  At the southern end of town, Long Xuyen bus station (Ben Xe Khach Long Xuyen;  076-385 2125; opposite 96/3B Ð Tran Hung Dao) is a roadside terminus about 1.5km down Ð Phan Cu Luong, off Ð Tran Hung Dao. Buses from Long Xuyen to  Can Tho (62km), Chau Doc (55km),Ha Tien (130km) and Rach Gia (75km).

Car & Motorcycle

To reach  Cao Lanh or Sa Dec you can take  the car ferry from An Hoa ferry terminal.



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