Mekong Delta Travel in Vietnam 2024
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Mekong Delta

Why Go?

 The ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is a landscape carpeted in a dizzying  variety of greens and slashed with mighty waterways.  It’s a water world at which  restaurants, boats, houses  and  even markets float on  the innumerable rivers, canals and streams which  flow through the region like arteries.  At times  you can quite simply lose sight of land.

The area is  both riparian and deeply rural, yet  it’s also  one of Vietnam’s most densely populated regions, with  nearly each  hectare intensively farmed.  Tourists  can dwell on southern beauty  in  little-visited riverside cities, sample fruits which are traded  in the amazing  floating markets, or feast on home-cooked delicacies before  visitors overnight  as a homestay guest. Mangrove forests, sacred Khmer pagodas and off-the-beaten-track attractions round out the picture.

 Those seeking tropical hideaways can come ashore on Phu Quoc,  a divine forested island fringed with  white-sand  beaches and crisscrossed with empty dirt roads that simply beg for motorbike exploration.

When to Go

Nov When the dry season begins , with Khmer longboat festivals in Tra Vinh and Soc Trang. 

Jan When  they shiver up north, Phu Quoc’s beaches are  temperate and dry.

Mar A March visit avoids the Tet madness, and the summer heat and rain./.


Mekong Delta tour 1 day price $12

Mekong Delta tour 2 days price $24

Mekong Delta tour 3 days  price $69

Off the Beaten Track

» Phu Quoc National Park

» Bang Lang

» Xeo Quyt Forest

Best Places to Stay

» Nam Bo Boutique Hotel

» La Veranda

» Xoai Hotel

» Bamboo Cottages

» Victoria Chau Doc Hotel





Mekong Delta Travel 1, 2 and 3 Days – Mekong River Vietnam