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Wandering around Ong Lang beach

Referring to Kien Giang, people remember right away the emerald island Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc tourism has an intense power of drawing attraction with untouched seashores, the lush greenness of flourishing birches reflecting on the calm sea’s surface of the sea. In addition to the appealing beauty of Kem beach, Sao beach, Phu Quoc also makes an impression with the Ong Lang beach imprinted with a primitive mark.

Ong Lang beach is located on the roadway from Duong Dong town to the North island. Situated close to Duong Dong town, one of the populous place in Phu Quoc district where there are fancy resorts, large-size restaurants, dynamic shopping malls gathering round; however, Ong Lang beach seems to be out of that pace of living. In comparison, it is a primal and very harmonious.

Ong Lanh Beach 1

Ong Lang beach is considered to be a perfect destination during Kien Giang journey. Leaving many strains and chaos of life aside, visitors can find the way back to Ong Lang beach, where there are turquoise sea, smooth white sand and sunshine, to experience the refreshing breezes from the enormous sea.

No person could explain where the name Ong Lang came from. It has been existed for long. You can come here by moving along the winding red basaltic roads surrounding the lush green jungles until you hear the gushing waves smashing onto rocks and potholes. Ong Lang beach with a gentle, lyrical but also vigorous beauty then appears.

Ong Lanh Beach 2

There, people seem to admire a lyrical drawing, below the precipitous cliffs jutting out to the sea are waves roaring like playing. It turns out to have a harmony between waves and rocks. The waves play with rocks while rocks naturally receive the embrace of the sea. This is the fascinating scenery that attracts visitors during the Kien Giang tour.

Ong Lang beach is a ideal destination for summer holiday. When the sun blazes down through all the urban roads, people can come here to celebrate in the pure atmosphere, immerse in the refreshing seawater. The blistering air of the hot summer cannot get over those lofty mountains and that’s why it makes an opposing world.

Ong Lang beach has a robust appearance through the time. Visitors are attracted by the exotic-shaped cliffs instead of the white fine sands. Apparently, there are only waves and rocks on this ancient beach. Furthermores more, there are also mosses in different shapes and a shoals of fish swimming.

Ong Lanh Beach 3

Somewhere on the seashore, you can see the alive birch ranges or shady coconut trees. The foliage swing cheerfully in the wind. On the reflective sea’s surface, you can even recognize of those shaded trees. Those gentle birches are likely to spruce up the glamour of Ong Lang beach.

That beach seems to be more exceptional in the light of nightfall. This is also the moment that travellers usually look forward to and try to capture each of fascinating moments. The bright sun gently sinks towards the end of the horizon and leaves the space behind full of red arrays. Water, rocks, and birches sink into stillness after the sun goes away. The entire scenery flickers and looks amazingly.

Ong Lanh Beach

In the late afternoon, the scene on Ong Lang beach becomes vibrant because the fishing boats come back hurriedly and moor on the shore. The children play and run along the beach, young girls happily ramble on their bare feet on the white sand. The nature and humans seems to harmonize and draw a multidimensional and glamorous picture about life.

Anywhere on this S-shaped nation, people can easily find the lyrical sky, romantic sites. There are a number of unexplored destinations and still remain their ancient, original looks but carry the wild charm that no one can resist, no words can describe how glamorous they are. That beauties makes visitors who even live in really far-away region from there still want to explore and witness them one time.



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