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Experience life at Western

Southwest is really rich with a lot of attractive villages near Tien River and Hau River. Recently, we spend three days on visiting some provinces in this place, visiting orchards and felt a lot of fun.

From HCM city, after only two hours, we went to the town of Cai Be (Tien Giang). From here, the group started the voyages on ship. Boats skim the simple wooden houses, the bustling, black children with cheerful smiles hello the guests. Friendly and open-minded are characteristics of the Westerner.

Visit With only two cans of sticky rice, after roasting with hot sand, grain explodes into a white basket of rice crispies. After sieving sand and rice husk, they are added coconut milk and then molded, cut into pieces of rectangles .

Coconut candy factory of Mr Tran Van Minh lies on a small branch of Tien River. In order to make coconut candy, we have to have coconut milk. Firstly, coconut milk is heated in the pan until it thickens and then pouring it into a tray to dry, cutting into pieces, wrapping and bagging  

At each facility, guests are invited to use the products, listen to homeowners tell things or the stage they have passed. That’s how simple marketing to anybody also can buy some bags of candy or grilled rice

In the afternoon, we went to “banh trang” villages near Hau river. Have ever eaten them but perhaps this is the first time we see the beautiful girl seat near the oven . I want to try to do, the young girl named Ut smiled: “It is not really easy to make.  Make sure the cake just cooked, not pitting and smooth”.

Middle of the day, taking a rest at An Binh Island. Meals are served under the shade of the tree with a lot of fruits. After lunch, guests can lie back on the hammock in the garden, just swinging just hear birds singing. Others are cycling (free) to go around. Because of durian season, both space is fragrant. Durian is ripe, yellow, and sweet. Our group are really excited when enjoy them.

The village of fish-cage and the village of Cham brocade are also attractive destinations. We have never seen so many fish and such a beautiful brocade. The graceful.

Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho. The boats are full of multicolored fruits, green vegetables beans on the river, forming market. How to introduce the products here are quite attractive: a pole, plugged at the first boat and hang product onto it. Looking at this you will know what the boat sell: gourd, cucumber, onions, cassava, sweet potatoes.

Besides, going for a walk in the streets under the orchards or having lunch on the canoe, watching dense forests near  the riverside. It of agreement and feels  very interesting .



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